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If you are looking for a guest post, or sponsored post and advertising opportunities, make sure you check out our guidelines. I worked really hard on the instructions, and I will totally know if you didn’t read them.

Sponsored Posts (Paid Placements)

Guest posts on behalf of corporate blogs or websites or posts written to lead readers to purchase a product or service would fall under our guidelines for paid placements.

Blogs owned by insurance companies, lenders, lending sites, advisors, robo-advisors, credit cards, lawyers, real estate agents, etc., would all be considered a paid placement.

Note: Our fee for a paid placement starts at $50; please keep our base rate in mind when sending us a pitch. We are not interested in negotiating our rates as we know the value that we offer.

We Love Hearing From Readers.

When we started the site, we had no idea it would become so popular, or that we would receive so many emails.  Don’t worry; I have not let fame get to my head; I personally read every message we receive.

However, due to time constraints, we can’t respond to every request we receive. Also, I can’t attend your cousin’s wedding either, sorry about that.

If you send us valuable feedback, a unique question, or an exciting offer, you will be hearing from us shortly.

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